Compare TLS Extensions for Web Browsers

A table worth a thousand words! ;-)

ValueExtension nameReferenceFirefox 5.0IE 9.0Chrome 14.0Opera 11.50Safari 5.0Java SE 7
0server_nameRFC 6066
1max_fragment_lengthRFC 6066
2client_certificate_urlRFC 6066
3trusted_ca_keysRFC 6066
4truncated_hmacRFC 6066
5status_requestRFC 6066
6user_mappinRFC 4681
7client_authzRFC 5878
8server_authzRFC 5878
9cert_typeRFC 6091
10elliptic_curvesRFC 4492
11ec_point_formatsRFC 4492
12srpRFC 5054
13signature_algorithms[1]RFC 5246
14use_srtpRFC 5746
35SessionTicket TLSRFC 4507
65281renegotiation_infoRFC 5746

Note that the data was from the observation of the TLS ClientHello message when visiting HTTPS web sites.

[1]: The signature_algorithms extension only appears in TLS 1.2
[2]: next_protocol_negotiation extension is in draft state, no official name and value.

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